our values

Sustainability and ethics

We believe that sustainable is the only way to make fashion – that’s why we have put sustainability at the heart of our brand. We care about how clothes are made. We believe in working with nature, not against it, and we believe that all humans should be empowered by what they do for a living.

On-demand sustainable production and pre-orders

Besides producing our sustainable fashion on-demand, we also have a pre-order system, which brings you significant benefits. Every Monday, our team curates a small selection of Mila.Vert pieces, which is then available at 30% off until Sunday. This allows us to collect pre-orders and produce them all at once, lowering our production costs and bringing you the same high-quality sustainable fashion you love for less.

Sustainable fabrics

Our clothes are made exclusively from carefully selected sustainable materials, including organic cotton, tencel and linen. We buy our fabrics from trusted fabric agents and resellers, who ensure the materials we use are Earth-friendly as well as ethically produced. We are proud that our knitwear collection is made entirely from 100% organic cotton. When we say that our fabrics are kind to your skin, to people who made them and to the environment, we genuinely mean it.

Kind to animals

The well-being of nature and all its inhabitants is a priority for us. We do not use any animal products or by-products to make the vast majority of our sustainable clothing, and only use a minor percent of repurposed waste wool in some of our winter coats. Unless stated otherwise in the case of winter coats, our products are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and PETA-approved.

Ethically and locally produced

All of our clothes are crafted and responsibly produced in Slovenia, EU, where the brand originates. This ensures constant transparency, traceability, safe workplaces and fair wages for everyone involved in the process. We do our bit to eliminate plastic waste too – we don’t use plastics in our packaging and make fabric bags from scrap materials. If you appreciate wearing clothes that are kind to nature and you think that we all have the right to be empowered by our work, then we couldn't agree with you more.