The Hidden Reality of Our Sustainable Fashion Brand

The Hidden Reality of Our Sustainable Fashion Brand

We Need Your Support More Than Ever

It’s been a tough year for our sustainable brand. With all the current hardships e-commerce faces, new advertising algorithms, rising operational costs and competition tougher than ever, we find ourselves on thin ice.

Small brand, small impact

Our small team of dedicated women is doing everything in our power to turn the tide and introduce Mila.Vert to new customers. With our limited human resources, there’s only so much we can do on our own. Sadly, the reality of niche brands is that it’s becoming increasingly hard to compete with other, bigger, more robust brands with larger budgets that have been around for decades.

Rising costs

Despite all positive effects our sustainable and ethical EU-based production has, it also costs more than conventional equivalents based in developing countries. Our costs have therefore been rising unprecedently, resulting in more expensive products and a smaller budget we can channel into growth.

How can you help?

We appreciate your support now more than ever. You, our beloved community, have been here through thick and thin and have propelled us forward with your orders. Besides making a direct purchase in our online shop, we will also greatly appreciate if you post a review of your Mila.Vert product, share our content or recommend us to your family and friends.

We thank you in advance – and hope we can make it out together.


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