Behind the Scenes: Discover Our PETA-Approved Vegan Knitwear

Behind the Scenes: Discover Our PETA-Approved Vegan Knitwear

Why Our Best-Selling Organic Cotton Knitwear is Receiving So Much Love

Ever since the beginning of Mila.Vert, we have made knitwear the same way – locally, ethically and from 100% organic cotton. Over the years, our vegan knits have always been your favourite (and ours, too!), and for all the good reasons.

Why we only use organic cotton

The well-being of animals and nature is our key priority. We do not use any animal products or by-products to make our knitwear, which is entirely cruelty-free, vegan and PETA-approved. Since using only organic and sustainable fabrics is also one of the main values of Mila.Vert, we are proud that our knitwear collection is made solely from 100% organic cotton.

Among the leading vegan knitwear brands

With our premium knits loved far and wide, we strive to enrich our knitwear range with every new collection. We are proud to be among the leading fashion brands offering vegan knitwear in the world. Coming up with new exciting designs and colour schemes, we promise to keep bringing you animal-friendly knits you love so much.

The many benefits of premium vegan knits

Not only is our organic cotton knitwear vegan, but it’s also soft to the touch. Breathable and friendly towards even the most sensitive skin, our knits can be worn year-round, including in summer. The light material doesn’t itch and cause irritation, and there are absolutely no harmful chemicals used in the production of either organic cotton yarn or our final knitwear designs. In addition, our vegan knits are easy to take care of and require no special washing and drying treatment. Sustainable and ethical to the core, our local production is based in Slovenia, Mila.Vert’s home-country with our knits being produced in a family-owned knitting studio.


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