Keeping Our Prices Fair and Aligned with Our Values

Keeping Our Prices Fair and Aligned with Our Values

With the beginning of September, we are raising the prices of some of our Mila.Vert classics – the best-selling products both you and we have been loving for so many of the past seasons. Before we do that, we’d like to explain why the raise in the first place, as well as give you the opportunity to shop our sustainable pieces at regular prices for another week.

Our special summer code ‘SUMMER10’ is valid until the end of August too, so you can make the most of it and obtain a 10% discount as a treat and a thank you from us. The discount can be applied to everything in our online shop, including sale items, so don’t hesitate to browse through them.

Why the raise?

At Mila.Vert, we never take shortcuts when the quality of our materials or the well-being of our production workers is in question. The highest quality standards and transparent, ethical production sites we can visit every day are essential to what we do – they make Mila.Vert what it is. We believe this is the only way we can make fashion truly responsible and sustainable.

Organic cotton and paying fair wages come with a price.

In the past year, the prices of organic cotton, our essential base material, have gone up 40 %. The causes stem from natural impediments, such as severe draughts, to additional health and safety measures, and logistic obstacles. These have driven up prices of electricity, transport, spare knitting machine parts, and natural detergents needed to treat organic knits. Consequently, production prices at our partners have gone up as well in order to enable their workers a fair payment with the overall costliness.

Fair prices, fair working conditions, fair payments.

When we were calculating the production prices of our products, we noticed our costs have gone up significantly. We tried to adapt and cut the costs elsewhere but couldn’t do it in a way that would maintain our high level of quality and ensure everyone involved a fair payment, both to our employees, our freelance partners and production partners. We took the decision to raise our prices for a few percent not for ourselves, not for our profit, but to cover the costs like we used to.

We thank you for your understanding and continuous support – and for believing in a fairer fashion industry with us.

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