Mila.Vert Wins Elle Style Award for Best Designer

Mila.Vert Wins Elle Style Award for Best Designer

You read that right! What a great surprise, we can still hardly believe it. It feels surreal to be awarded the Best Designer award at this year’s Elle Style Awards.

The award comes as a wonderful recognition of our work by Elle Slovenia and proves that sustainable fashion can comply with the highest aesthetic standards, look beautiful and have design perfected down to the last stitch.

What started five years ago as a small sustainable brand has grown quite a bit, but our core values have stayed the same. Transparent sustainable fashion that honours both the environment and the people who made it is what we will always stick to – and it feels incredible to be able to bring our work and our mission into the spotlight of this year’s Elle Style Awards. We hope we can inspire more people to start making sustainable choices in their lives with what we do.

Our warmest congratulations to other winners and nominees too!

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