Mila.Vert x Brinas Studio: New Beginnings for the New Year

Mila.Vert x Brinas Studio: New Beginnings for the New Year

Mila.Vert x Brinas Studio: New Beginnings for the New Year

It’s time for a fresh start – new beginnings await you in 2024.

To welcome you in the new year, we joined our creative forces with the natural dyer Romana from Brinas Studio. We can’t undo our past mistakes, but we can wisely turn them into experiences we grow from – and this is exactly what we will do together.

photo: Neža Ternik (@neza_ternik)

What it’s all about

Our collaboration offers you one of Brinas Studio’s signature dyeing recipes, which has been developed with the Mila.Vert team. We named the carefully chosen mixture of natural dyes and pigments New Beginnings. The New Beginnings recipe is here not only to cover any stains your beloved garments might have accumulated through their time with you, but also to elevate them and transform them into something uniquely new.

photos: Neža Ternik (@neza_ternik)

What can I send

Your selected pieces must be white or light in colour and made of at least 70 % of natural fibres, such as cotton, linen or viscose. This can be a new beginning for your precious light items stained with oil, permanent marker, coffee, juice, rust, bike chain wax or any other immovable substance – they deserve it. Due to a different dyeing process, we unfortunately can’t accept wool or silk.

photo: Neža Ternik (@neza_ternik)

How it works

You find the piece or pieces you would like Romana to dye and place an order on the Brinas Studio website. After you receive an order confirmation, you send your piece straight to Brinas Studio or drop them off at Kavarna Specialka in Rog Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Romana will then hand dye your chosen pieces with the New Beginnings upcycle recipe and send it back to you – it’s that simple.

Please note that light coloured pieces of all brands can be sent in and that the upcycling dyeing process only runs in January. While Mila.Vert is a proud supporter of the upcycling dyeing project, all dyeing processes will be carried out by the wonderful Romana from Brinas Studio.

Giving a new life to pieces that might otherwise be discarded is perfectly aligned with our sustainability mission. Here’s to new beginnings – we can’t wait to see the one-of-a-kind results each dyeing process will bring and to have them bring you joy once more.


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