Styling Tips: How to Style Our Water-Resistant Trench Coat

Styling Tips: How to Style Our Water-Resistant Trench Coat

Sustainable Business Style Made Easy

The sun is back – and so is our water-resistant trench coat. It will make the outfits of your busiest days balanced and composed by adding an extra touch of elegance to them without any effort.

We couldn’t imagine a more perfect outer layer for the days of transition between seasons. One of the many qualities of the coat is that it can be worn through various temperature swings. By layering it over different outfits, from warm knits to light spring pieces, you can truly conquer the transitional season.

To showcase the variety of styling options, we prepared a selected number of outfits, all ticking boxes of business style and effortless elegance. Minimalist pieces worn as the base include the likes of our best-selling belted dress and jumpsuit, the heroes of fast-paced mornings with which you look polished and ready for the day by simply putting them on. This does not mean our trench coat doesn’t like elevating accessories; it goes perfectly with our knitted scarves, too.

Sustainable business style has never looked so good – or been so easy to recreate. Discover all the outfit ideas below.


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