The Future of Fashion: The Time to Support Sustainable is Now

The Future of Fashion: The Time to Support Sustainable is Now

It's been a tough year for sustainable fashion. With the global economy making a slow and rocky recovery, the fashion industry is no exception to facing hardships. We see trends, and we must admit we’re worried.

What has become crystal clear in 2023 is that fast fashion companies are prospering and cashing in on the hype around the pink film by creating spin-off merchandise boosts sales. The luxury fashion market is growing rapidly too, apparently completely unaffected by the crisis in other segments of economy. It comes as no surprise sustainable fashion is confronting setback after setback. With a growing occurrence of deadly catastrophes connected to the climate crisis, such as severe draughts, heatwaves, forest fires and heavy storms, it is obvious that the global climate is becoming increasingly unpredictable as a result of unsustainable human activities.

Sadly, we find out on a monthly basis that brands similar to Mila.Vert, brands we’ve known personally and worked side by side with at sustainable fashion fairs, are closing down. At the same time, sustainable fashion stores, including some of our long-term stockists, are closing their doors. Operating sustainably and ethically is proving to be harder and harder, especially for up-and-coming, small and independent companies.

What can we do when vital change-makers need our help?

More than ever before, it is important for us to support sustainable brands and projects by purchasing their products, recommending them in our communities and sharing their content. As an alternative to fast fashion, rethinking our buying habits, minimising our purchases and opting for second hand options are all great ways of lessening our impact, too.

Standing up for each other has never been more important. Besides broadening our shared influence, it also gives us strength and perseverance seeing our shared communities come together. Here’s to hope a brighter future is ahead of us.


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