Wedding Season: What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Wedding Season: What to Wear as a Wedding Guest

Even though any season is wedding season, most wedding celebrations are planned for months between late spring and early fall. We can all agree hosting a larger group of family and friends in milder weather is significantly simpler compared to the middle of winter. As spring is here and invitations were likely to have already been sent out – you might have some special dates coming up soon.

Unless otherwise stated or specifically asked for, there used to be two simple rules when it comes to wedding dressing – no all-black and no all-white outfits. To stay on the safer side, we steered away from white and cream as well as black colour and prepared a selection of wedding-ready sustainable dresses for various reception options. Though materials and styles differ, covering everything from organic cotton to tencel, we grouped our dresses by colours, from light blush and pink shades to darker navy blues, and styles including knitted and slip dresses.

Organic cotton knitted dresses

Organic cotton knitted dresses in navy blue colour are a safe bet both regarding colour and material. Navy blue complements every skin tone well, while the variety of knitted styles offers something for everyone. From the minimalist strap dress to a short-sleeved one and tight-fitting dresses with different necklines, one of them will surely fit your personal style. Knitted dresses will work exceptionally well dressed up for a fancy formal reception.

Tencel wrap dress

Speaking of dark blue, we can’t miss our tencel wrap dress. Showcasing the elegant wrap design, this dress speaks timelessness. Made from a light tencel fabric, the dress is designed to flow around you effortlessly, and accentuate and prolong your figure with the simple waist wrap style. The elegant dress easily fits a formal styling, but it can also be easily transformed and dressed down for a more relaxed, low-key occasion, too.

Slip dresses

Lighter shades are not complete without our powder blue tencel sateen duo – the slip dresses. Available in a shorter, knee-length style and a long, ankle-grazing style, the celestial blue literally shines thanks to silky tencel sateen. For a simple style made from an eye-catching fabric, look no further than these two styles, which convey both timeless elegance and elevated simplicity.

Soft pink dresses

A relaxed style can go a long way, too. Our dresses in soft pink hues are perfect for outside settings, especially beach or countryside receptions. There’s a variety to choose from – our silky EcoVeroTM slip dress is on the more elegant side, while the playful frilled dresses can be styled less formally with strap sandals or even chic trainers.

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