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Our thinking about creating a clothing brand has strongly been guided by our enthusiasm for beautiful clothing and fashion, and soon matched with the aspiration to establish an “ethical brand”. We want to make desirable clothing, avoiding the ethical and environmental issues that the fashion industry represents.

We produce our clothing in collaboration with two family-owned sewing companies and a knitting studio, all located in Slovenia, EU, where Mila.Vert originates. We visit the production sites often and build personal relationships with their owners, knowing that their workers work in healthy, safe, non-discriminatory working environments with no danger of child labour. Every worker is, in accordion with the Slovenian law, provided at least with a minimum wage. In this way, the remarkable benefit of locally and traditionally made clothing is a transparent supply chain that ensures both ethical and quality standards are being met. Read our blog post to learn more about our sustainable production

The design process is supported through frequent meetings with the seamstress and one of the owners of the company we work with, which leads to the creation of prototypes, their testing through wearing and tearing, and getting feedback from our network of fashion lovers. We enjoy getting input from people, both inside and outside the company. Seeking out environmentally friendly fabrics can compromise design and style, but we do not look at it as an either-or choice. We intentionally design slowly and intend to make clothes that are timeless and made to last; we emphasise the quality of clothing. To assure the highest aesthetics and quality standards, some garments are partially handmade and all of them are made-to-order. A favourite piece of clothing fits plenty of occasions and can be worn again and again, so we design quality classics rather than respond to trends.


About the founder

Tina Logar Bauchmuller

"Fashion has always been my passion, but I never knew I would once get the chance to become a fashion designer. To be honest, the chance did not just arrive – I had to create this opportunity for myself.

It all happened in 2015, soon after the birth of my first daughter. I could say my new role as a mother empowered me to try on another new role – one of a fashion designer. Since being respectful to everyone and everything is one of my core values in life, creating a sustainable fashion brand was really the only option.

I have an affinity for simple and classic designs that don’t go out of fashion. At the same time, I put a lot of thought into details that make garments special and give them a modern feel, be it a flattering cut of a neckline, a special fabric colour or the way delicate fabrics feel on your skin.

For me, Mila.Vert represents the story of empowerment, of following your passion and being kind to yourself and to others. And this is how I want to make you feel.

In case you were wondering, I am only kind of Mila. My name is Tina and the name Mila.Vert was inspired by the name of my first daughter.

Every single piece of Mila.Vert clothing represents me, so I want every single piece to be kind to you. At the same time, it should also be kind to nature and the people who made it – and these are the core values that the brand is built upon."


Tina Logar Bauchmüller, founder and designer


Sustainable, ethical & made just for you

With sustainability in focus through every step of the production, our pieces are crafted in Slovenia, EU. Shop the latest sustainable styles made from organic materials of the highest quality.  

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