Classic shirt dress with interesting details October 23 2017

Since Julija has a very demanding job as a doctor, she spends her free time relaxing – strolling around Ljubljana and exploring the city, reading, listening to music. Wherever she goes, she always looks for things, places and people that inspire her. Even though it is sometimes difficult and requires some extra time and effort, Julija tries to buy as much organic food, cosmetics and clothes as possible, and rides her bike in all weather and temperature conditions. 

“My Mila.Vert shirt dress is special because of all the interesting details it has while also being a classic shirt dress. This way I can wear it to different occasions and always rely on its effect and comfort.” #WomenWearingMilaVert

Encouraged to avoid fast fashion clothing September 13 2017

Bogdana is a chemical engineer, sales representative for a leading life science company. Her customers are pharmaceutical companies, university laboratories, etc. 

“Getting to know more about sustainable fashion and purchasing Mila.Vert dress made me avoid all the seasonal sales, discounts and fast fashion clothing.” #WomenWearingMilaVert

A clothing friendly towards the skin, the environment and the wonderful people who made it September 08 2017

Vida is a student of English Language & Literature and Art History, a lover of all things alive, sincere and pure, and of human expression in all forms.

"I was in need of an outfit for a Midsummer Night's concert we had with the choir I sing in and I fell in love with the linen top instantly - it's versatile, super comfortable, absolutely gorgeous and friendly towards my skin, the environment and the wonderful people who made it. Since I try to lead a lifestyle that causes as little harm as possible to the planet and all the creatures we share it with, I really couldn't ask for more." #WomenWearingMilaVert

A way to a more sustainable lifestyle August 30 2017

Sonja is a lover of naturalness, realness and sincerity, and a great admirer of nature. Her family has always cared about leading a sustainable lifestyle and supporting everything organic, from clothes to food. They are happy and grateful to be able to produce various types of fruits and vegetables at their home, completely naturally.

“I chose my Mila.Vert Sleeve detail dress as it personifies naturalness and I simply feel the most me in it. #WomenWearingMilaVert

Easily styled according to the season August 22 2017

Maja is an actress. She works in the Puppet Theater in Ljubljana and loves her job. She also likes nature and animals so she leads a sustainable lifestyle that is friendly both towards nature and the animals that inhabit it. She says she likes her Mila.Vert Trench shirt dress because it is comfortable and light. She can wear it daily and style it according to the season – on its own in summer or with tights or skinny jeans in autumn. And she loves the fact that she can cycle in it.

“I recycle, travel mostly by bike, I eat a plant-based diet, buy local and organic products, I support Slovenian artists, use pure, natural cosmetics and try to keep my mind and thoughts pure as well.” #WomenWearingMilaVert


It looks beautiful, it's light and timeless July 19 2017

Klavdija has dedicated her career to yoga and is opening her own yoga center soon. She finds her work as a yoga teacher a great pleasure. But being a yoga teacher is not just a job. It’s a wholesome lifestyle, and Klavdija realizes that. Her goal, among others, is to share the knowing that people function from the inside out. We already have it all within us – we just have to find it. Klavdija cares deeply about her environmental impact, be it the clothes she wears or the foods she eats. She recycles, buys local and organic food, and even has her own garden where she is able to grow her own vegetables.

“My Mila.Vert dress is simply ideal. It looks beautiful, it’s light and timeless, but also fashionable, organic, clean and quiet. These are the values that mean a lot to me. Mila.Vert is a brand I support and believe in as it satisfies all my needs.” #WomenWearingMilaVert


We are exhibiting at the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin July 04 2017

We are exhibiting at the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin from 4th to 6th July 2017.

With a clear focus on design and sustainability, the show brings together top labels from the eco-fashion segment. We are excited to be part of it!

Meet us at Hall S.0, Stand no. C31.

Beautifully structured fabric June 06 2017

Mojca works for an international company with a leading position in development of systems and products applied in the construction sector and motor vehicle industry. In her long tenure of 17 years, she has been overseeing and executing the marketing, ecology & environment and health & safety activities.

With a help of her two young and curious daughters, she also promotes eco-friendly activities at home. They put special attention to waste separation and the girls help with the tasks related to it.                                                                          

With her daughters, she re-charges batteries and she takes a break from daily challenges with taking time for herself – she favors going mountain hiking with friends.

Mojca says about her Mila.Vert Back zipper dress: "It is so easy to wear this dress and to style it for different occasions. I wear it for work, evening walks to town, partying with friends, etc. What I like the most is the beautifully structured fabric that the dress is made from." #WomenWearingMilaVert


How fine fabrics feels on your skin: it is a feeling of freedom May 29 2017

Ida is importing high quality ecological cosmetics to Slovene market, and presents and offers it through her online shop EKO PLEME as well as concept and cosmetic stores throughout Slovenia. Her aim is to bring cosmetics that include 100% natural ingredients, and are not tested on animals, closer to women who are interested in decorative cosmetics. She likes to exchange her views regarding sustainability topics with others, and promotes awareness of a conscious lifestyle as a way to improve the quality of our lives. She wants to be a good example herself. She is separating waste, doesn't use plastic bottles and bags, buys and consumes organic food, uses ecological cosmetics, and wears ecological clothing.

Ida says about Mila.Vert clothing: "It was a love at first sight. Besides liking the design of clothing – minimal but still feminine, I was excited that the clothing is made of ecological material. I am careful about making purchasing decisions. First of all, it is important to me that all people involved in the production process are paid fairly for their work, and secondly, I want to wear clothing that is not made from genetically modified cotton. In addition, I don't want clothing that required the use of toxic chemicals (pesticides, toxic dyes, etc.) during production, which don't go fully away with washing and stay on our skin or are absorbed by our body.

The minimalistic design enables me wearing these pieces of clothing from morning to evening and style them for each occasion a bit differently - with the help of shoes and accessoires. The fabric colours are compatible with other pieces in my wardrobe. There are many dresses and tunics I simply adore. I like the way how Mila.Vert's fine fabrics feels on my skin – it is a feeling of freedom." #WomenWearingMilaVert



Clean lines and minimalism May 19 2017

Nina, a mother of three is professionally and privately engaged in dealing with ecological food and cosmetics. She is a founder of an online shop selling ecological and vegan food. Being environmentally conscious is part of her lifestyle – she puts many thoughts into extending the lifespan of the products she owns, following the principle to reduce, reuse and recycle. She is also interested in clothing made from ecological materials, and for her children – she is swapping pieces of clothing with other mothers.

“I have a busy lifestyle with many activities and thus appreciate clothing that is comfortable, but elegant at the same time and appropriate for many occasions. That is why I like to wear my Mila.Vert dresses. I can combine them with either high heels or sneakers, and get myself ready for different occasions. Clean lines and minimalism in their clothing enables me to easily create a styling I feel comfortable to wear.” #WomenWearingMilaVert



Ljubljana based Mila.Vert retailers February 16 2017

Besides our online shop, Mila.Vert clothing is also beautifully displayed and available for your experience at two lovely concept stores located in Ljubljana (Slovenia). As with other business partners, I like to build personal relationship also with our retailers. With meeting them regularly, I got to know who stands behind these two concept stores and is responsible for selecting and curating an offer of unique, beautifully designed and high-quality products. I gladly introduce them to you. 

Trgovina IKA (IKA store)

The successful concept of IKA store is to present to customers the products of vibrant, innovative and diverse world of young Slovene designers, innovators and fashion makers. IKA was founded in 1992 and from then on, it has been growing with the world of Slovene design and innovation, exposing costumers in a unique way to the beauty of Slovene fashion in a joint setting with useful products to decorate your home. Reflecting on their work over the last 25 years, the founders of the IKA brand, Ika and her daughter Iva say: “Life awarded us with an opportunity to do something that makes us happy. All these years of partnerships also resulted in friendships with the authors. We work tolerantly, transparently and with precision.”

To make sure their lovely shop is working smoothly, especially now when Iva is on maternity leave, the two friendly and creative founders surrounded themselves with four like-minded girls who are helping with advising customers coming to the shop, and promoting the authors by writing informative and interesting articles about them and their work: Sara, Tina, Maja and Neža.
Store location: Ciril-Metodov trg 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tina, Maja, Iva, Ika and Sara infront of IKA store

Maja, Tina, Ika, Iva and Sara


Zelena trgovina (Green store)

Zelena trgovina (Green store) is a concept store offering high-quality ecological products carefully curated by its owner Sandra.

Sandra and her team also design and produce ecological mattresses and a wide range of home textile under their own brand NaturNa.

Sandra is a founder of Slovene Eko klub (Eco club), which is a club of creators and producers of high quality ecological products or services. Eko klub encourages collaboration among these creators and helps promoting their brands.

She organizes and participates in events promoting positive social outcomes: for example, charity events supporting organizations working on animal protection, first aid courses, etc.

You are kindly invited to stop by at the Zelena trgovina, get to know Sandra and her team, and peek into our cute Mila.Vert clothing corner.

Store location: Šmartinska 152 (BTC hall A, basement level, store nr. 35), 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia



Mila.Vert clothing corner in Zelena trgovina

Mila.Vert at INNATEX fair February 01 2017

Last week we returned from Frankfurt where we spent several days of inspiring networking and successful promotion of our brand at the Innatex International Trade Fair for Sustainable Textiles. After recharging energies with my family, let me share with you some insights from the event.

We met many exciting and warm people, and appreciated gaining new insights into the sustainable fashion market: visitors who gave us positive feedback on our clothing, and exhibitors who shared their valued experience and good practice with us. The fair gave us an opportunity to present our style and a story and to initiate ideas for new cooperation with more concept shops and retailers around Europe. We are optimistic that the contacts we gained will evolve into mutually satisfying long-term collaborations.

All in all, the experience provided another motivation boost to develop Mila.Vert further on. We are excited to continue offering you a high-quality clothing with an appealing timeless design.

Last but not least: a big thank you to my mum and Tanja for all the help and support at this event!

We are exhibiting at INNATEX fair January 19 2017

We are excited to exhibit at INNATEX international trade fair for sustainable textiles this weekend.

"Organised under the auspices of the IVN (International Association of the Natural Textile Industry) and providing exhibitors with information about product certification, INNATEX stresses the importance not only of ecological factors in the supply chain, but also social aspects."

Stop by and visit us if you happen to be near Frankfurt. ;) 

Shirt dresses in olive green colour January 10 2017

We have recently extended our offer of black popline and blue denim shirt dresses with additional olive green colour fabric. It is another timeless colour that has its fans across different generations. As our other shirt dresses, these can be styled in many ways and complement women’s wardrobe in cases they consist more of urban wear or business wear. They can be an answer to a woman’s search for some casual and elegant outfit.

All our shirt dresses are made by seamstresses working for a small family-owned company located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The fabric consists of 98% of premium organic cotton that is certified according to The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which ensures that all phases in the production processes meet strong ecological and social standards. 2% of elastane makes this dress comfortable to wear and provides a perfect fit.

Both versions of shirt dresses are completed with a matching detachable belt, hidden button fastening that runs along the front and in-seam pockets. Some elements that define a classic trench coat (Trench coat shirt dress) and a wide standing neckline (Standing neckline shirt dress) add sophisticated details to these dresses.  


Happy New Year January 04 2017

New year, we are ready for you! Back from holidays and working on new exciting projects that are starting to develop with full speed already in January.

We are also wishing you a healthy, exciting, creative and mindful 2017!

Mila.Vert gift card December 21 2016

Today we are issuing a Mila.Vert gift card. We consider it to be a thoughtful present for your special one - a women who appreciates high-quality clothing with an appealing timeless design.

The amount chosen will be the actual value of the gift card; it will be displayed on the card together with the online shop code needed to redeem the gift value.

We will be happy to respond to your questions submitted via


Elegant, comfortable and simply special August 04 2016

Mojca is an electrical engineer working as a coordinator of development project for an innovative Slovenian company, which is developing encoders. She is also a conscious girl who aims to treat our planet in a caring way. She recycles, uses public transport when possible and tries to be aware of the resources they use at home. 

"I like my MV dress because it's elegant, comfortable and simply special. I am constantly on the go and I need clothes that can be used for various occasions during one day. I wear it to the city center for cocktails with my friends, for work events or of any other special occasion.” #WomenWearingMilaVert



Effortless clothing for fashionable women with busy lifestyle November 30 2015

Tjaša works at an academic hospital, taking care of people suffering from cancer. She is supporting patients recovering in the best possible way, and making their hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Having a rewarding but also a very demanding job, she likes to spend her free time with family and friends. She appreciates effortless clothing, which is easy to combine and match, and is appropriate for many occasions spent with her loved ones.

“I am wearing Mila.Vert standing collar dress. I particularly like the dress for the soft feel of its organic fabric and because I find it appropriate for several occasions, be it lectures at the hospital, dinners with friends, or just casual walks around town. With this pastel mint color, I consider it to be a good fit to my darker skin tone.

I match the dress with different shoes and accessories. To turn it into an autumn outfit, I styled this more summerly dress with a light grey coat and made it thus wearable also for the colder days.”  #WomenWearingMilaVert




Easily transformed from casual to elegant November 19 2015

Melita likes innovative businesses and eco-friendly ideas. As a young consultant, she is supporting innovative European energy companies implementing new IT solutions. At home, she promotes eco-friendly means of transport and use of resources.

“The Mila.Vert Sleeve detail dress is one of my core clothing pieces that transform my outfit from elegant and classy to sporty by just adding different shoes and accessories. It is a basic piece that offers comfort but at the same time makes you feel looking good and fashionable. I wear it at on-the-job meetings and – just adding sporty shoes – in my free time. I love pairing the dress with a beige trench coat – it looks elegant, it feels comfortable.”  #WomenWearingMilaVert




Appropriate for many occasions November 17 2015

Tanja works for the corporate sector of a leading insurance company in the region, assisting companies with settling their claims. To this more technical labour, she adds a social touch as babysitter, taking care of toddlers during after work shifts.

“I wear Mila.Vert at work and in my free time – attending social or cultural events. I like the quality of material and a clean design, spiced up with interesting details. The standing collar dress makes me feel comfortable at work, and thereafter – going straight from work to babysitting, having fun with children.

I like to walk to work; it is healthy and feels good for nature. Taking care of nature is a theme that I like to include when playing with kids. I like to invent creative games using disposed plastic cups, carton boxes, paper towel, etc. I try to buy food and cosmetics with little packaging. For shopping, I use textile shopping bags that can be reused.

I combined this dress with several pieces of clothing, but my favourite pick at the moment would be the little pink cardigan that I also wore at the photo-shooting.”  #WomenWearingMilaVert




Dressing MV supports you acting "green" November 10 2015

Tamara manages a dynamic and young team of consultants, helping Slovene companies better handle their data to optimize their business operations. With her team, she enjoys helping all staff members to get on top of the changes that new data management in their company brings along.

"I am wearing MV sleeved detail dress in black colour, paired with a black leather jacket. I like the way the dress makes me feel – feminine and comfortable at the same time. Matched with different accessories, I wear the dress for formal job occasions, and enjoy it as good companion at free time coffee chats with friends.

Aiming to treat our planet and nature in a sustainable and caring way, I put special attention to protect and most effectively use scare resources. Wishing to act as "green" as possible, I recycle daily garbage, old mobile phones, PCs and clothes, and buy locally and ecologically produced food and cosmetics. I appreciate that the dress is made from fabric that is processed and manufactured in an ecological and socially acceptable manner."  #WomenWearingMilaVert





Women Wearing Mila.Vert October 28 2015

I am feeling beyond grateful to have such amazing friends taking this challenging journey of establishing an ethical clothing brand with me. With their positive vibes and self-initiated promotion of the brand, they can be proclaimed as true MV ambassadors.

Recently, I enjoyed seeing my girls enthusiastic stepping into new land, getting a professional photo-shooting of us wearing MV pieces. The atmosphere was relaxed and it all ended up as a just another nice gathering with friends; this time, with some beautiful photo memories. The credit for that goes to a talented fashion photographer Robert Ribič. 

To see how we styled our MV pieces, and what a fun afternoon that was, follow us in the coming days on our blog and social media (#WomenWearingMilaVert).

Thank you Robert, thank you Tamara, Tanja, Tjaša and Melita.



Be in touch with Mila.Vert October 27 2015

The MV story started long before this online shop was launched on July 29, 2015. Preparing the launch included a whole spectre of different activities: working on design and preparing prototypes, testing the wear and feel of the dresses with family and friends, sourcing ecological fabrics for the first collection, choosing suppliers for sew-in care labels, bringing the brand online and to your attention, etc.

Along the way, your questions and feedback helped and inspired me on this very challenging yet joyful start-up path. For example, you asked: What does Mila.Vert stand for? What makes it innovative? Where do you source ecological fabrics?...

With this blog, I want to provide answers to such questions to keep you involved in this creative process. I am excited to learn from you when designing the next collection, and bringing the brand even closer to you. Be in touch, via!

With love,