About Us

About Mila.Vert

Our thinking about creating a clothing brand has strongly been guided by our enthusiasm for beautiful clothing and fashion, and soon matched with the aspiration to establish an “ethical brand”. We want to make desirable clothing, avoiding the ethical and environmental issues that fashion industry represents.

There is evidence that fashion is the world’s 2nd most polluting industry, second only to oil. A quarter of chemicals produced worldwide are used for textiles and the industry is the second largest water polluter, following only the agriculture industry. And there are not only environmental and health impacts that textile industry has. High demand for cheap clothing and shorter selling and production cycles shifted the production to developing countries, where farmers and textile workers are at the risk of making less than a living wage, of having insufficient access to social protection, and of working under hazardous conditions.

We have started working on Mila.Vert collaborating with two family-owned sewing companies, both located in Slovenia where the Mila.Vert brand originates. We visit them often and build personal relationships with the owners. A benefit of local, traditionally made clothing is a transparent supply chain that ensures ethical and quality standards are being met.

We commit to using fabrics that contain at least 90% of environmentally friendly fibres, mainly certified organic cotton. We use environmentally friendly fabrics to the extent possible, and we seek for solutions to tackle the issue of packaging waste. All purchased items are packed in cotton backpacks that can be used for multiple purposes.

The design process is supported through frequent meetings with the seamstress and owner of the company we work with, which leads to the creation of a prototype, its testing through wearing and tearing, and getting feedback from our network of fashion lovers. We enjoy getting input from people, both inside and outside the company.

Seeking out environmentally friendly fabrics can compromise design and style, but we do not look at it as an either-or choice. We intentionally design slowly, and intend to make clothes that are timeless and made to last; we emphasis the quality of clothing. To assure the highest aesthetics and quality standards, some garments are partially handmade. A favourite piece of clothing fits a lot of occasions and can be worn again and again, so we design quality classics rather than respond to trends.

As a young brand we are at the beginning of a challenging journey. Our passion is to create beautiful clothing, which supports positive social outcomes. To join us on this journey, follow us via our website and social media.


About the founder

The brand was founded by Tina Logar Bauchmüller. Tina always had the need to create clothes that would be the highlight of her closet. Since childhood she consulted her tailoring grandmother and local seamstresses to help her carryout her design ideas.

She has an affinity for simple and classic designs that rarely go out of fashion, but puts a lot of thought in the details that make the garment special and give them a modern feel. Be it a flattering cut of a neckline, a special fabric colour or the way fine fabrics feels on your skin.

Tina enjoys working with highly skilled seamstresses and patternmakers, and gets additional inspiration through working with talented and creative bloggers, photographers, marketers and other fashion enthusiasts. She believes one person can make a difference, but truly great things happen when a team of differently skilled individuals work together.

Mila.Vert is a combination of her passion for creating beautiful clothing and the values she has put at the heart of her business.