Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Smart Wide-Leg Trousers Styled for Autumn

Mila.Vert Styling Tips: Smart Wide-Leg Trousers Styled for Autumn

With colder days descending upon us, our stylings have become more complex and layering is again the norm. As there’s no autumn dressing without a proper pair of tailored trousers, we’ve prepared a few styling tips which highlight our wide-leg tailored trousers. Read on to see which ones our team put together this time.

The perfect layering base in form of the wide-leg trousers is accompanied by a year-round staple we’re taking from summer right into autumn. The short-sleeved raglan top is slightly oversized, giving the outfit a relaxed feel while still looking polished and smart.

A similar styling but with a long-sleeved top is presented by pairing the tailored trousers with our cropped long-sleeved blouse. The silky soft material in black colour is the highlight of this matching set, which ensures your day-long comfort.

When temperatures drop and knits are needed, look no further than our knitted herringbone pullover. Its beautiful pattern complements the sleekness of the trousers, creating the right choice of an outfit for chilly autumn days.

A hero coat is called a hero coat for a reason – not only does it keep you warm, it also elevates an everyday outfit into a remarkable one. Our wide-leg trousers and our new chevron double-breasted coat are a true power couple, delivering a chic silhouette you will want to return to time and time again.

Find our wide-leg tailored trousers in our current pre-order batch and get them now for 30% off. Pre-orders are open until Sunday, 22nd October, and shipping starts after 2nd November.



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