October is Fair Trade Month – and How It Impacted Our Sustainability Journey

October is Fair Trade Month – and How It Impacted Our Sustainability Journey

Why Fair Trade Month Matters

October brings a fresh new season, which is always something we look forward to, but there’s not only that. October is also Fair Trade Month, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of fair trade in the global economy.

The fair trade movement has been going strong for decades and it’s all thanks to brands, companies, manufacturers and producers, who decide to run their businesses differently – in a way that’s fairer towards the people and the planet. Fair trade standards preserve the environment, precious ecosystems, communities, unions and individuals, giving them the respect, care and the fair payment they deserve for their work.

Evolving Our Sustainable Production Together

As a brand whose ethos is inextricably linked to sustainability and transparency, fair trade standards come as a no-brainer to us. Over the course of the year, we spoke to our local producers about how we could improve our partnerships. Together, we came up with a brilliant idea that’s already making everyday work so much easier for everyone involved. As you know, we recently introduced a pre-order model, opening a limited order window and producing orders once the pre-orders are closed. Our producers report that they can streamline their work processes much more efficiently, reduce fabric waste when cutting patterns and minimise organic cotton yarn waste by producing more knits in the same colour and not having to clean knitting machines and change yarns in between. We still produce only what has been ordered, keeping our production stock-free, but improving our production partnerships for everyone involved, making this a great success overall.

This is also thanks to you, who embraced our new production model with open arms and are willing to wait for a bit longer, helping us keep our production as sustainable and ethical as ever.

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